Measure Twice, Load Once! 5 Best Powder Measures 2017 [Too Much?]

Best Powder MeasureA powder measure is a devices that you must have if you have a reloading press. Why?  Because a powder measure is needed so you can tell how much powder you need to pour into each case.  If you pour in too much or too little powder, it will pose a major safety risk for when you try to fire the reloaded round through your gun. That’s why it’s important that you research how many grains of powder need to go into each of your shell casings, and that you have a reliable and high quality powder measure so you can accurately measure exactly how much powder you are pouring in. Regardless if you have a single stage press, a turret press or a progressive press you should have some quick, accurate and safe way to measure how much powder you use.

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While all reloading powder measures have the same purpose, there are brands that perform better than others and that offer more advanced and unique features other brands and models may be lacking in. In this article, we are going to outline and discuss five of the best powder measures on the market.

The 5 Best Powder Measure

1Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer (Red)

Lee powder measure

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Lee Precision has been famous for almost 50 years for producing affordable and high-quality reloading equipment, and the Lee Powder Measure happens to be one of its most successful products. We also highly recommend Lee Precision’s hand priming tool.

This powder measure works perfectly on reloading rifle and pistol cases alike. It can also be used in conjunction with the Universal Charging Die on the Load Master. The outstanding features of the Lee Powder Measure include the following:

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  • Micrometer adjuster – for easy calibration and  reads directly in cubic centimeters
  • O-Ring – positively locks the adjustment and removes any and pay
  • It includes in eliminating cut powder and the reduction of jerky action
  • Also includes drum binding over the measure designs.
  • With sturdy mounting stand made of steel

If you are looking for an affordable but quality powder measure, the Lee Perfect Powder Measure is one of the best options for you because it is simple to use, feeds smoothly, and is incredibly easy to adjust.

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1Hornady Lock N Load Powder Measure

Hornady Lock N Load Powder Measure

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The Hornady Lock N Load Powder Measure comes with a complete mounting plate and the Standard Lock N Load Metering Insert. When you need to switch your calibers, all you have to do is to push the Lock N Load release button, and insert a new one after removing the metering insert.

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Though it is a little pricey in comparison to other popular models of powder measures,  you will definitely get what you pay for with the Hornady because of its versatility and advanced features. It can measure from a one-half grain of powder up to 265 grains.  It’s also capable of reloading everything from the smallest calibers such as .32 ACP all the way up to the massive .50 BMG round. The versatility, flexibility, and accuracy that this powder measure offers is the reason it is one of the the most popular powder measures in the market today.

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1Lyman Powder Measure

Lyman Powder Measure

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The Lyman name is renowned in the reloading industry because of their useful reloading guides and high-end equipment. One of their biggest successes is the  Lyman powder measure that is also considered to be one of the highest quality powder measures in the market despite the high price. Why? Take a look:

  • It offers advanced features that make reloading easier,  faster and accurate.
  • It is capable of distributing charge after charge of powder with continuous accuracy to a fraction of a grain.
  • This powder measure can be used in various types of turret press or a stand-alone measure.
  • Other outstanding features of this powder measure is its 55’s unique three slides adjustable cavity
  • 2400 grain reservoir that protects the powder from harmful light rays and chemical reaction.
  • Attached knocker that assures a complete charge
  • 7/8” x 14 funnel adapter that is used for stand mounting or press

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Aside from those amazing features, the Lyman Powder Measure can also boast of a sturdy built, a rugged metal construction, and a thick paint coating. It is built to be passed down from generation to generation, which is why it has become one of the most in demand powder measures on the market today.

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1RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure

RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure

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The RCBS Uniflow Powder measure is one of the most highly recommended powder measures currently available because of its powerful features and unique capabilities.  It can throw a consistent, accurate charge between one and a half forty grains without emptying the hopper. One of its unique abilities is that it pours powder evenly from the measuring cylinder into the brass, so you can avoid hazardous overloading that could be caused by clogging.

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  • Numbered measuring screw – is used as a basis or reference when you will check the given charge.
  • Measuring cylinder – it has a precision ground surface and slides into the honed main casting for a precise fit.
  • Drilled stand plate – it is used for easier mounting on a bench or even under a reloading die lock ring.

For an accurate measurement, the RCBS is one of the best reloading powder measures and comes highly recommended. RCBS also makes some of our favorite presses and bullet pullers.

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1Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure

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The  Frankford Arsenal Platinum Powder Measure is also a top recommended powder measure and a top seller on the market today. It is engineered to extremely high tolerances and flexibility for an overall smooth operation. It can cover a broad range of charges while maintaining accuracy with every charge.  

The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Powder measure can measure from 0.8 grains to 120 grains, while providing you with an accurate measurement of any and all powder types. Here are more unique features that make it stand out among its competition:

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  • Steel-High clearance bench top
  • Steel Side mounting end version

If you are looking for a precise fit and function that works with the ball, flake, cylinder and extruded powder, the Frankford powder measure will meet your needs. The price is worth the quality and performance of this powder measure. Guaranteed accuracy and versatility!

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Why is Powder Measure important?

If you do a lot of reloading already, you definitely know the advantages of using a Powder measure. But for some of you, especially for newbies, let me summarize the importance of having one. First and foremost, it makes the reloading operation faster and more consistent. It saves you time in manually scooping powder that only results in an uneven measurement with every charge. Second, it is safer because using a powder measure prevents dangerous overloading. The powder measure assures consistent measurements each time so you will not waste time in guessing and taking risks.

How to choose a Powder Measure?

When choosing a Powder Measure to buy, there are certain factors that you should always consider. One is your budget. There are different brands of powder measures on the market, with some being affordable and others costing a bit more money.  All you need to do is check the powder measure reviews for each product. Another thing to consider is the caliber that you are reloading. For a typical rifle round, you can choose the most basic powder measure like the Lee. But for a pistol shooter, you need a more advanced powder measure like the RCBS model we discussed. If you can afford to buy the highest quality and the powder press that offers varieties of dominant features, go for the Lyman or Hornady powder measure.

How to use a Powder Measure

Reloading Tutorial #5: Using a powder measure

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Whatever your choice of Powder measure is, always make sure that you will choose what you think meets your needs and that is priced within your budget. The reloading reviews in this article will help you decide and you will be rest assured in knowing that we only included the best of the best in the market today. The powder measures reviews in this article are based on the customer reviews and the most in demand brands. Hopefully, this will give you an overall idea of what specific powder measure is best for you.  So what are you waiting for? Experience faster and more accurate measurements and effective reloading with the help of a Powder Press. We know that each of these products comes with a manual but we still suggest that you invest in on of our overall recommended reloading manuals since this is an inherently dangerous hobby.

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