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Should I Use Blinders When Shooting?

Question: Should I Use Blinders When Shooting? [Yes You Should!]

Blinders can combat a multitude of different problems you may encounter on the range or trap line. Side blinders keep wind and debris from bothering your eyes, help stop the glare from creeping into your vision, and can keep you focused on a specific direction. There are drawbacks, however. Your peripheral vision is essentially non-existent … Read more

Best Shooting Blinders

See Right…3 Best Blinders for Shooting 2024 [Focus Up]

Many of you have seen professional shooters at the Olympics who wear large contraptions on their glasses when competing. These are called blinders. Much like blinders on a horse, shooting blinders help to eliminate outside distractions and help the shooter focus on the target. While this is beneficial in some shooting sports, it can hurt … Read more