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Gun Safe In Garage Featured Image

Can You Put A Gun Safe In The Garage? Gun Cabinet?

So you are thinking about getting a gun safe but you’re not sure where you want to put it. Putting a gun cabinet or gun safe in the garage sounds like a great idea. In this article, we will go over the considerations that you need to think about if you want to put a … Read more

Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe Featured Image

The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe! Gun Safety Is Important.

The biggest issue with gun storage is gun safety, the safety of all the people that have access to it. We hear stories every day of kids getting ahold of guns when they shouldn’t and they think they’re just toys. Recent statistics show that 1.7 million children live in a home with an unlocked loaded … Read more

Concel Carry Holster

Can I Conceal Carry A Gun Without A Hoster? [How]

After you’ve taken the time to obtain a carry permit and spent a good chunk of money on a new gun, you’re ready to start carrying it. The obvious choice for doing so is a holster but this doesn’t always fit into everyone’s style. That’s why many people are wondering if it’s possible to conceal … Read more

Homeowner Insurance Cover Concealed Carry

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Concealed Carry?

As a homeowner who owns various firearms and a concealed carry license/permit, you may wonder what is or is not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Reading through your policy or talking to your insurance agent is a quick and easy way to find out what is included, but takes time, some of us might … Read more

Concealed Carry Badge

Should People Use A Concealed Carry Badge? Is It Legal?

There are a couple of things you need to carry a concealed weapon. This includes the proper permit for your state, a firearm, and some type of holster for carrying your gun. But what about a concealed carry badge? Do you need one of these to go along with your other concealed carry gear? Well, … Read more

On The Go! 4 Best Car Gun Safes [currentyear] [No Road Rage, Please]

On The Go! 4 Best Car Gun Safes 2024 [No Road Rage, Please]

Are you concerned about the possibility of being attacked while you’re in your car? If so, then being able to keep your gun in your car in a way so it is secure but also quick to access in an emergency must sound appealing. While there are many reasons why you would want to keep … Read more

Fast! 3 Best Quick Access Gun Safes [currentyear] [Get It & Go]

Fast! 3 Best Quick Access Gun Safes 2024 [Get It & Go]

If you want to have a handgun locked away in a safe, you want to be able to access that gun quickly in an emergency situation. That is why you need is a quick access gun safe. A quick access gun safe is a safe that locks your gun up just like any other safe … Read more

Safety First! 7 Best Shooting Glasses [currentyear] [Eagle Eyes...]

Safety First! 7 Best Shooting Glasses 2024 [Eagle Eyes…]

When it comes to shooting, your eyes are of the utmost importance. Not only are they critical to your ability to shoot accurately, but they are also very easy to damage and impossible to replace. Catastrophic failures are not uncommon in the shooting world and even routine target practice has the chance of ejecting hot … Read more

Save Brass! 4 Best Brass Catchers [currentyear] [Still Collecting By Hand?]

Save Brass! 4 Best Brass Catchers 2024 [Still Collecting By Hand?]

Any type of firearm you’re using, from pistols to rifles, has some type of ammunition involved. If you don’t want to spend half an hour picking casings up off the ground, the best brass catcher is the solution. These come in a few different styles, materials, and sizes to choose from. They make cleanup a … Read more