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Can I Conceal Carry A Gun Without A Hoster? [How]

After you’ve taken the time to obtain a carry permit and spent a good chunk of money on a new gun, you’re ready to start carrying it. The obvious choice for doing so is a holster but this doesn’t always fit into everyone’s style. That’s why many people are wondering if it’s possible to conceal carry a weapon without a holster. There are a few ways to do this, including in a pocket or a bag. Unfortunately, there are also a few issues to consider with holster-less carry. To find out more about conceal carry options, keep reading.

Why a Holster is the Best Option

A holster is the best option for carrying a firearm for a few reasons. The most important one is that it gives you a safe way to secure your gun on your body. A good holster holds the gun in the right position, pointing it down so you won’t accidentally shoot someone if it goes off when you’re pulling it out. A holster also acts as a trigger guard, making an accidental discharge impossible as long as your gun is secured in it. The holster also keeps your gun from shifting around as you move, so it will always be in the perfect position to draw.

Another important benefit of a holster is that it makes it hard for anyone to take the gun off of you. Even if you’re struggling in close quarters, the holster will keep the gun tight to your body. This makes it easy for you to access but not so much for anyone else.

Despite all of these pros, you may still be considering an alternative option to a holster for your concealed carry weapon. If a holster is something you want to avoid, there are other options to choose from.

      Alternative Concealed Carry Options

      There are several ways to conceal carry a firearm other than using a traditional holster. Some of these are better options than others. Many of them have some flaws as well. Let’s take a look at the different options and how safe they are for you to test out.

      Concealed Carry Clothing

      There are several items of clothing available that are specifically designed for carrying a concealed weapon. These usually have some type of zipper or retention strap that secures your gun, keeping it, you, and those around you safe.

      Jackets, Coats, and Vests

      A concealed carry coat or jacket will likely have a specially designed zippered pocket that is located near the opening of the garment. This way, you can just unzip the pocket and draw your gun when needed instead of struggling to get beneath a regular coat to access it.

      Vest Carry frincon

      Concealed carry vests have the same type of convenience, plus they are a bit more versatile. A good vest gives you some warmth in the spring and fall, plus it can be layered under heavier clothing in the winter. These vests are also stylish, matching your normal style, so it won’t look obvious that you’re wearing it only to carry a gun around.


      There are a wide variety of concealed carry shirts on the market. These are designed with pockets on the sides, right beneath the pectoral muscles. This design isn’t accidental, either, but mimics the position your gun would be in if you were wearing a shoulder holster.

      These types of shirts are good for the seasons that are too warm for a vest or coat. They are also best for those days when you’re a bit more active and when you want your gun on you without the extra weight of a bulky holster.


      Though these won’t appeal to men, ladies might just favor a pair of concealed carry leggings. These aren’t as bulky as a shirt, vest, or jacket. They also include a retention strap that keeps your gun secure against you without the use of a holster.

      Leggings can be used for almost any type of athletic activity, plus they come in some great styles for everyday use. They also have different options for gun placement, including the hip, kidney, or appendix areas. This way, you can place your firearm where it’s most comfortable.

      Pocket Carry

      Pocket Carry frincon

      Many people choose to carry their concealed weapon in the pocket of their regular coat or vest. It’s easy to just slip it in there, keeping it close at hand at all times. Though this may seem convenient, it isn’t the best way to carry a firearm. There are a few reasons for this. Pockets are an obvious place for other items as well as a gun. If there is other stuff floating around in there, it could get caught in the trigger guard and accidentally fire the gun. Pockets also don’t hold the gun securely, so it could shift around in there. Since the grip is the heaviest part of your firearm, it will naturally shift downwards as you move. Then, when you try to remove it from your pocket, you’ll be grabbing the wrong end of your gun.

      Another issue could depend on the size of your pocket. While a large pocket could have your gun shifting around, a tight one could hold it more securely in place. This has its own problems, though. A tight pocket may make it harder to remove the gun when you need it.

      If you do want to try out pocket-carrying your concealed weapon, be sure the gun fits nicely, is easy to access, and shifts as little as possible. You should also make sure that there isn’t a live round in the chamber. This will ensure that you won’t accidentally fire your gun. It should also be the only thing in that pocket.

      Belt Carry

      Tucking a gun into the waistband of your belt may make you feel like you’re in the movies but this has its drawbacks. The first one is that the belt may be tight enough to hold the gun in place but it has no trigger guard to speak of. This means that nothing is protecting you from an accidental fire. A man with a gun tucked in the front of his pants could even accidentally shoot himself in a rather prized area. There is also the likelihood of shooting yourself in the leg, regardless of your gender. This is especially dangerous since your femoral artery is on the inside of your leg. This is a major artery that supplies the blood to your legs. If it is punctured, you will need immediate medical treatment or you will lose a great deal of blood. The result of such an injury is death, which is what you’re trying to avoid by carrying a concealed weapon.

      Belt Carry frincon

      Another issue with belt carry is that it isn’t the most secure place to carry a firearm. When you’re standing still, the gun will be tucked nicely in your belt. As soon as you start moving around, the gun could shift. It could work its way further into the belt, making it hard to retrieve. It can also move up and out of the belt, falling to the ground.

      As with the pocket-carry option, if you do feel the need to carry your gun this way, it is best to avoid having a live round in the chamber. This will protect you and those around you from an accidental fire.

      Off-Body Carry

      There are times when carrying your gun right on your body isn’t an option. Your clothes could make it hard to do so, forcing you to find an alternative carry method. You may also not have found a comfortable place to carry a gun on your body, so you need some other way to keep it close at hand. In these instances, a bag or purse may seem like the only option you have. There are some downsides to carrying your gun this way. The first is that you need to pay close attention to where your bag is at all times. If you leave it unattended, anyone could access it while you’re not looking, running off with your gun or the whole bag.Your weapon also isn’t as easy to access as it would be if it was on you somewhere. There could be zippers or straps holding the bag closed, which will slow down your draw. There could also be other items in your bag that can get into the trigger guard. These could either accidentally fire the weapon or get jammed, making it impossible for you to shoot in an emergency.

      If you still want to try out carrying your gun off your body, choose your bag carefully. One that is specially designed to hold a gun is best. If you pick a regular bag, be sure to choose a simple pocket that is easy to access. Don’t put anything else in that pocket but your weapon. You should also carry that bag on your dominant hand side. This makes it faster and easier to draw your gun when you need it.

      Conceal Carry Without a Holster Final Thoughts

      Carrying a concealed weapon is not something to take lightly. A gun offers protection to you, your family, and your belongings. Of course, if you’re going to carry one with you, you need to do so properly. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself or those around you if it accidentally fires. It also won’t offer much protection if it takes to long to access it when you need it. Though a holster is the best option when it comes to carrying a weapon, there are others available, like a pocket, bag, or in an item of clothing that is specially designed for it. Be sure to consider each option carefully before choosing the one that meets your needs.

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