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Can You Put A Gun Safe In The Garage? Gun Cabinet?

So you are thinking about getting a gun safe but you’re not sure where you want to put it. Putting a gun cabinet or gun safe in the garage sounds like a great idea.

In this article, we will go over the considerations that you need to think about if you want to put a gun safe in your garage.

There are definitely pros and cons to using the garage for gun storage. You probably already know what most of them are but there might be some you haven’t thought about and some of the others might not be as important as you were led to believe.

Can You Put A Gun Safe In The Garage?

The short answer is yes you can put a gun safe in the garage. But, it would probably be our last choice.

If you can find a space to fit your gun safe that is not the garage you should do that instead.

In the following sections, we will go over why the garage is not the best place to keep a gun safe. We will also cover some of the obvious pros of a garage gun safe. If you are spending so much money on a great gun safe then you should put it in the best place.

Why The Garage Is Not The Best Place

Like we said the garage would be the last place we would keep our gun safes. It’s not that you can’t it’s just that we feel that the following cons outweigh the benefits of using the garage for gun storage.

No Control Of The Environment

The first concern that comes up whenever you talk about gun storage is controlling the environment. Gun experts say the gun should be kept around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and with a 50% humidity rate. Now we know your garage is probably not a climate controlled room.

Why is controlling the environment so important? Because it said bet the biggest thing that’ll mess with a gun is rust and controlling the humidity rate helps control the rust.

Now most places don’t have 70 degree controlled temperatures with 50% humidity. Now we’re not talking about the people they have control temperature garages. We are talking about unheated garages.

There’s one caveat I want to make about this, even though experts say these are the perfect conditions for going to be stored at and the trust is the biggest enemy of guns we think that controlling the environment is not the biggest enemy to rust.

If you really want to protect your guns against rust you should be cleaning them properly and using oils lubricants or other Solutions to protect the gun not relying on perfect summer humidity and temperature.

Garage Could Be Easier To Get Into Than The Middle Of The House

The biggest reason for us why we would not use the garage for gun safes is because the garage is usually one of the easiest places to access on your property.

Garage doors are not the most secure doors and they’re usually in the front of your house so somebody knew what they were looking for it wouldn’t be hard for them to open your garage door and get access to your safe.

Another thing to consider is that hey garage is usually used by everybody in the family with lots of people going in and out including children but it’s not someplace you’re thinking needs to be monitored. The last thing you would want is for kids to access the gun safe.

Keeping a gun safe any more central location of your house will make it so the safe is quicker to access, more easily monitored, and possibly in a place where the kids don’t go anyway. We prefer having smaller quick access gun safes and more of them. Like the easy to move and modular safes from SecureIt Gun Storage.

Less Access To Electrical Outlets

This one is a little bit lower down on our list becuase you can always run an extension cord. But many people want there to be lights or other electrical devices like electronic locks or biometric locks or a safe dehumidifier inside their gun case.

If you do not already have electrical outlets in your garage do you really want to install new electrical?

If You Keep Garage Door Open Often It Will Easily Be Seen

There are some people to leave their garage door open a lot.

We don’t do that but some do. If you’re somebody that leaves your garage door open lots of the time and you do not have a place to easily hide the gun safe in the garage then you will either have to disguise it or everybody’s just going to know you have a gun safe in the garage.

Personally going back to the point about the garage being a very easy to access room we do not want people to know that we have a gun safe.

Pros Of Keeping A Gun Safe In The Garage

Now moving on to the pros of keeping a gun safe in the garage.

These are some of the things that make using the garage one of the easiest places to put a big gun safe.

Lots Of Space

You see the garage has lots of space. Tie that with the fact that you could probably stack stuff on top of a gun safe since they’re really started and the garage seems like a perfect out-of-the-way spot.

Out Of The Way

As mentioned previously it’s out of the way, if you have a garage it’s on the back of your property or you have a garage that people don’t use to go in and out of all the time it might be a great spot.

In going against our cons the only thing that we would consider is are these guns something that you want to have quick access to. Because by being out of the way it usually also means that it will not be quick access.

Easier To Bolt To Ground

Many safe manufacturers recommend you Bolt you’re safe to the ground. The easiest way to bolt your safe to the ground is into the concrete ground.

In most houses, the biggest Sq Ft open concrete ground space will be the garage. So if you’re not going to put your gun safe in the garage then you will probably have to make modifications to your house when you want to bolt down your gun safe.

This could include removing any flooring and leveling out the floor.

Normal House Visitors Will Not See It

A big plus to put in a safe in the garage is that most normal house visitors are not going to go into your garage.

On one hand, if your gun safe and guns are a showpiece then this could be bad. On the other hand, as it is with us, we do not want people to quickly know that we have guns.

We have close friends that they would think differently of us if they knew we had guns. Now any family that has kids and the kids are visiting we do talk with them about how we have firearms in the house and that they are completely locked up. This is not something you should keep a secret from people with families that are visiting your house.

Control Temperatures In Garage For Gun Safe

Yes, you are going to put your firearm safe in the garage there are a couple of ways you could try to control your temperature. Even though your garage is a non climate controlled room you can try to even it out.

First, you could buy a temperature-controlled gun safe these are considerably more expensive but it definitely solves this issue. You will need electrical access close to the safe.

Second, you could give your gun safe a blanket. I know this sounds funny but bear with us.

I hope you’re already using a water heater blanket. They have these they’re basically insulation to rock around your water heater and for a small cost you’ll instantly save 20 to 30% on your bill for your water heater. Now you could do the same thing for your gun safe.

To do this we would wrap it with blankets or maybe buy a water heater blanket or any other insulation material. This will keep temperature fluctuations down and it will keep the speed of the fluctuations down. If your garage is just really cold or really hot eventually the gun safe will match the temperature.

The last thing we would do is try to get the gun safe a little bit up off of the floor just because air does not conduct heat as well as a concrete floor. If you can provide a space of air under the safe he’ll act as an insulator also.

Gun Safe Humidity In Garage

For controlling humidity rate, you really need to look at dehumidifiers either electric dehumidifiers (like a golden rod) or humidity packets (like silica gel).

Another option yes your guns are for long-term storage bags that you can put your guns into that will help control the humidity level around the gun separating it from the humidity swings in the gun safe.

Humidity is a big deal with rust for guns but if you are properly cleaning and taking care of your firearms the layer of protecting oil will most of the time do the job.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it.

We gave you our list of pros and cons for keeping a gun safe in the garage.

Personally, we don’t like the idea but you can do it. The biggest con the people talk about his humility and rust on guns but this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re properly taken care of your guns anyway how many of your metal tools in your garage are getting rusted not many I bet. And you could always get an electric dehumidifier.

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