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Burnin Down! 4 Of The Best Fireproof Gun Safes 2024 [Whats Left After?]

If a fire were to ever engulf your home while you were away, you would want a safe that is fireproof, right? While no gun safe is fireproof for an infinite amount of time, there are many safes that can easily resist a fire for an extended period. These are the kinds of safes that you will want to protect your guns and valuables for as long as possible, and we will discuss the best fireproof gun safe in 2024.

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Do you really need a Fireproof Gun Safe?

So, fireproof gun safes are kinda a myth. There is a real regulation for fireproof safes but the majority of the big cabinet gun safes that are “fireproof” do not meet those certifications. Instead they are certified for residential security.

In the true fireproof safes there is multiple layers of steel along with poured concrete (yes concrete not the drywall in most).

What we actually prefer for a multi gun safe are the SecureIt modular steel safes like this.

Watch this video from SecureIt that explains a little more about the large fireproof gun safes and also there more modular design. SecureIt has been producing weapons cabinets for the military and law enforcement for over 25 years.

    Features in the Best Fireproof Gun Safe

    As we talked about in the introduction to this article, there is no such thing as a fully fireproof gun safe. If a fire is too intense and goes on for too long, eventually the safe will fail. Each of the five safes that we will explore in this article are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time. This is why they are regarded as being ‘fireproof’ safes in the marketing world. What makes them ‘fireproof’ safes? What qualities or features do they have that other safes do not?

    High-Quality Construction

    Snapsafe Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Long Gun Safe

    Not all gun safes will be capable of adequately shielding your firearms and other valuables from a fire. The safes that are fireproof for an extended period of time will have a significantly higher quality in their construction. Fireproof safes will be constructed out of advanced materials such as concrete amalgamate. These kinds of materials definitely add to the weight and cost of the safe, but they will be well worth the extra investment.

    Thick Walls

    Besides the quality of the materials used, the kinds of fireproof safes that we will explore in this article will also have a much thicker wall than other kinds of safes. As a general rule of thumb, look for a safe with a wall with at least seven gauge steel or more. This will not only offer ample protection against the fire, but it will also make it significantly more difficult for a thief to break into it.

    High Fire Rating

    You will want to pay attention to the fire rating of the safe as well. The two figures that you will want to pay close attention to are the maximum temperatures that the safe is designed to withstand and then the length of time the safe is capable of withstanding those temperatures. Generally speaking, the higher the fire rating of the safe, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, shoot for the safe with the highest fire rating that is also within your budget for the most fire resistant gun safe.

    Best Fireproof Gun Safes on the Market

    Best Fire Rated Gun Safe & Build Your Own:

    Browning Safe Builder

    Browning Safe Builder

    Browning has a lot going for it. It has the thermablock technology which allows it to withstand 100 minutes of 1680 degree temperatures before the internals reach 350 degrees. You can build and design your own and get a quote before you call a rep for an official quote. And they have some of the best safe organization systems on the market including the DPX door system that allows you to have long guns on the door and the AXIS system that helps you grid together the shelving that you want inside.

    Build Safe & Get Quote

    Best Organized Fireproof Gun Safe:

    Sportsman Buffalo 32 Long Gun Capacity Gun Safe

    Buffalo Tools GUNSAFE Gunsafe 32 + 6 W/Door Storage

    The first thing you’ll notice about the Sportsman Buffalo, by the name alone, is how many guns it is capable of holding. There are no less than 32 upright rifle organizers and that’s not counting the 11 door pockets and adjustable shelves where you can store your handguns, ammunition, and accessories. The Sportsman Buffalo won’t disappoint you in the ‘fireproof’ department. Thanks to the 14 gauge steel for the body and door of the safe, the Sportsman Buffalo will be fireproof for over 40 minutes at temperatures of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Total dimensions of the Sportsman Buffalo are a height of 59 inches with a width of 32 inches and a diameter of 22 inches. This is a large and heavy safe designed to hold a lot of guns. It’s also one that will adequately protect them in the event of a fire. This is one of the best fireproof rifle safes.

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    Best Fireproof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock:

    Snapsafe Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Long Gun Safe

    SnapSafe Titan Modular Gun Safe, 75010 - Easy to Assemble Heavy Duty Safe with Digital Keyless Entry & Fire Protection - Ideal Firearm Safe, Closet Vault, Home Safe for Valuables & Store Up to 12 Guns

    At first glance, the Snapsafe Modular Titan may not sound all that appealing to you. After all, it only holds 12 long guns. Why would you go with this safe when, for roughly the same price, you could buy a safe that can hold twice that many? The answer is because the Snapsafe offers you one hour of fireproof protection at over 2300 hundred degrees Fahrenheit. On the inside of the Snapsafe, you’ll find organizers for storing up to 12 long guns upright, in addition to multiple adjustable shelves and pockets for storing handguns and other accessories. The grey interior power coated finish is also lined and adds to the overall attractiveness of the safe.

    The real standout of the Snapsafe, and another reason for why you should strongly consider it, is because it is completely modular. It is specially designed so that it can be disassembled and then reassembled in only a matter of minutes. This will be great for transportation purposes or if you would like to move it around your house.

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    Best Fireproof Gun Safe for Storing Many Guns:

    Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long Gun Safe

    45 Long Gun Max Cap. -2 Hr. Fire Protection -Extreme Duty Gun Safe -Blk -AMHD724228-EMP

    Yes, you read that right. The Steelwater Extreme Duty Gun Safe can hold up to 45 long guns at once. That alone is worth your serious attention. Now in regards to the fireproof qualities of the safe, which is obviously why you’re here in the first place, the Steelwater is comparable to the Snapsafe. It offers a significantly longer fireproof time of 120 minutes, but only temperatures of 1875 degrees Fahrenheit. The Steelwater is constructed out of a nine gauge steel with a quarter of an inch steel plate that consists of the door. It utilizes a gear drive system that further inhibit attempts to pry the door open or drill through it.

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    Best Looking Fireproof Gun Safe:

    Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

    Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe, 72x40x27-Inch

    The Blue Dot Second Amendment Gun Safe is a very beautiful safe on the outside, but that doesn’t mean that it should be mistaken for a lower quality safe. The Blue Dot has been tested to be fireproof at over 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, which exceeds the specifications set by the Department of Justice. The Blue Dot also comes with a chrome electronic lock and keypad system and a twelve gauge steel covering the entire safe, including the door. A black powder coat that is fully scratch resistant  covers this steel for added protection.

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    Best Fireproof Gun Safe Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, this article has provided the information you needed to understand the qualities to look for in a fireproof gun safe. We’ve provided you the five best fireproof gun safes that are currently on the market. In the end, it not only comes down to selecting a fireproof gun safe with a high fire rating on the package but also looking for a safe that is built out of the right materials and has a suitable wall thickness. Any one of the fireproof gun safes in this article will resist a fire for the respective ratings that they receive.

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