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What Shot Size For Ducks?

Small to Large! What Shot Size For Ducks [Hit’em All]

Choosing the right size of shot for ducks can make the difference between clean kills and chasing cripples. As waterfowl hunters, it is our responsibility to make sure we do everything we can to take clean and ethical shots. We can never completely eliminate cripples. However, by choosing the correct shot size for ducks and … Read more

Best Mallard Decoy

Sitting Pretty! 5 Best Mallard Decoy 2024 [Simple to Complex]

Sure, hunters have killed ducks over some pretty simplistic decoys. From mounds of dirt to plastic jugs painted black, there is a story out there about someone who has shot birds. And it is true; you do not need the most life-like, super realistic decoys to kill ducks. Just grab a loaf of bread and … Read more

Best Motion Duck Decoys

Splash! 5 Best Motion Duck Decoys 2024 [Spinners & Motion]

The mirror-like water you see on those calm, still days might make for some neat pictures, but it is an unpleasant sight for duck hunters. Sit and watch a group of ducks on the water and you will always see movement, whether it is a splash of water or the flutter of a wing. Even … Read more