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Save Brass! 4 Best Brass Catchers 2024 [Still Collecting By Hand?]

Any type of firearm you’re using, from pistols to rifles, has some type of ammunition involved. If you don’t want to spend half an hour picking casings up off the ground, the best brass catcher is the solution. These come in a few different styles, materials, and sizes to choose from. They make cleanup a breeze, plus keep the brass intact for those who prefer to reload their ammo. If you’re in the market for a new brass catcher in 2024, read on!

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Why Do You Need a Brass Catcher?

Brass catchers are handy little tools you can use to collect the spent casings that are ejected from your firearms. They are handy for a few reasons. The main one is that after an afternoon spent at some target practice, you have a ton of casings scattered all over the place.

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Though some less conservative people may leave them there, those who care about the environment choose to pick them up. If you have a couple of hundred casings to find and collect, this can take quite a while. Sometimes the casings are ejected a bit farther than you would expect, too, so you actually need to search for them. The brass catcher keeps them all together, eliminating this cleanup time. This also decreases the litter you’re leaving behind, keeping the environment as healthy when you’re done shooting as it was before you started.

Another reason to add a brass catcher to your accessories list is that it keeps the casings from getting dirty or damaged when they’re ejected. On grass, the damage may be limited, but harder surfaces, like concrete, can leave dings and dents in the brass. For those who want to save some money reloading their own ammo, keeping the casings intact is a must. This is also true for those selling their casings to those who do the reloading or selling the reloads themselves. The more casings you have, the more money in your pocket.

    What to Look for in a Brass Catcher

    If you’re in the market for a brass catcher, there are a few things you should look for. These handy accessories are not always one size fits all, so be sure to look closely at its features to be sure you’re getting what you want.

    Bag Material

    Brass catchers come in a few different materials, including mesh or canvas. Mesh offers some ventilation, cooling down the brass faster. Canvas is a bit thicker, adding to its durability, but it doesn’t offer the ventilation, retaining heat instead. If you’re choosing canvas, be sure it has some air vents to let the heat out. The material you choose should also be heat-resistant. This will keep it from melting or burning when the hot brass first falls into it. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with holes and spilled casings.

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    Mounting System

    There are a few different mounting systems offered with brass catchers. A Picatinny rail mount on a brass catcher fits onto the Picatinny rail on your firearm. They fit the placement and dimensions of the slots for a more permanent addition.

    There are also quick detachment brass catchers, which let you mount the hardware with some easy detachment features like clips or hooks. This makes it easier to empty out the brass catcher without disabling the entire piece.

    A universal brass catcher can be used on any type of gun, using hooks and loops, usually with Velcro for quick removal. This way, you only need one brass catcher for your entire arsenal.


    You also may want to look at the size of the brass catcher. One that is too small won’t have the capacity you need. A large one can get heavy and may even get in the way while you’re shooting. Find one that is big enough to hold your shooting volume without hindering you in any way.

    Top Brass Catchers in 2024

    Best Picatinny Rail Brass Trap:

    Caldwell Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher

    Caldwell Pic Rail Brass Catcher with Picatinny Mount and Heat Resistant Mesh

    This Caldwell brass catcher uses a Picatinny rail mounting system, making it compatible with any of your firearms with a flat top or a Picatinny rail hand guard. It uses a clamp and wire frame which makes it fully adjustable as well, so you can mount it almost anywhere you like on the pic rail to keep it out of your way while your shooting while still doing its job. As well as being easy to attach, it has a quick detachment system that makes it easy to remove and transfer to another firearm when needed.

    The material used to make this brass catcher is heat-resistant mesh, so you don’t have to worry about hot casings damaging it. It has a large capacity, too, holding 100 rounds before you need to empty it out. There is also a large zipper at the bottom of the bag, making it easier empty it out without removing it from your gun. This not only reduces cleanup time, it also keeps those casings close and free of damage so you can reload or sell them when you’re done with them.


    • Picatinny rail mount quick detach system
    • Heat-resistant mesh
    • Large capacity


    • Pricey
    • Rapid fire may damage mesh
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    Best Budget Brass Catcher:

    Caldwell Universal Mount Brass Catcher

    Caldwell Brass Catcher with Heat Resistant Mesh for Convenient Firearm Mountable Brass Collection

    One of the best features of this Caldwell brass catcher is the universal mounting system, which uses a hook and loop closure system that allows you to use it on any of the rifles or shotguns in your collection. This means you don’t need a bunch of brass collectors to fit an assortment of firearms. The universal mount can fit on them all. It uses a velcro closure system, which isn’t as easy to detach as some other models but is still quite convenient.

    The fabric used on the bag is heat-resistant mesh, with a wire frame that helps the bag keep its shape, even when it’s full of spent casings. This keeps it from interfering with any bolt functions or cycling, so you can continue to fire smoothly and easily. The bag holds about 30 rounds of casings, though you can’t see how full it is once it reaches the bag’s halfway point due to the solid fabric covering on the top of the bag. There is a zipper on the bottom for easy emptying when it is full, as well, for added convenience.


    • Universal mounting system
    • Decent price


    • No quick detach
    • Can’t see the number of cases inside the bag
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    Best Large Capacity Brass Trap:

    Tac Star Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher

    TacStar Industries 1081240 Brass Catcher with Picatinny Rail Mount, Black, 120 .223 Cases

    The Tac Star brass catcher is a great accessory for those who want a simple device that mounts easily and keeps all your brass together. It mounts to the Picatinny rail of flat top firearms, with no modifications needed to make it fit. The mounting bracket is also adjustable, so you can set it where you are most comfortable with it. It also has a low profile, keeping it clear of scopes and cycling movements.

    The bag itself is made of heat-resistant canvas, with air vents along the top to cool off your casings a bit faster, keeping burns to a minimum. It is large enough to hold up to 120 casings, so you don’t need to empty it every few minutes. When it reaches its capacity, you only need to pull it off of its mounts, dump it, and put it back in place. This saves your brass and minimizes cleanup time at the same time. It is also easy to unsnap from the aluminum deflector plate to give it a good cleaning whenever it’s needed.


    • Thick heat-resistant canvas
    • Top vents for cooling airflow
    • Picatinny mounting system


    • Small 30 casing capacity
    • Not the highest quality
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    Best Free-Standing Brass Catcher:

    Caldwell Brass Trap

    Caldwell Brass Trap, 21' x 19' with Heat Resistant Mesh and Tripod Mount for Range Brass Collection

    The Caldwell Brass Trap is versatile enough to use with any of your guns, from pistols to rifles, making it one of the most convenient models around. You don’t mount it directly to the gun itself, so you don’t need any special mounting systems to make it work. Instead, it sits on the ground next to you when you’re laying down and firing. You can also attach it to a separately purchased tripod for standing. It may take a bit to get it positioned perfectly to catch the casings but once you have it set up, you’re free to fire away without leaving brass all over the place.

    The heat-resistant mesh material won’t melt when the hot brass rests on it. The wide opening provides plenty of ventilation for cooling your brass quickly. This bag also keeps the casings off the ground, so they are clean and ready for reloading when you’re done. There is even a zippered bottom for easy casing removal. The Caldwell Brass Trap requires minimal assembly, too, so you can get it set up and taken down in no time.


    • Won’t add weight or bulk to your gun
    • No firearm mounting required


    • Most expensive model
    • Needs careful setup to catch everything
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    Best Brass Catchers Final Thoughts

    The best brass catcher gives you a handy accessory for catching the spent brass, reducing your cleanup time. They also reduce litter and keep your casings nice and clean, plus reduces the damage they may otherwise suffer. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and mounting options, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs.

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