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What is the best Reloading Press – Ultimate Guide

There are people who find excitement and adventure when engaged into hobbies like shooting at a range or hunting in the forest, given that they are all aware of the safety precautions as well as abiding the law, they might have seen it from their older generations or maybe got interested by recommendation of some friends.

When you are inclined to this hobby, you have two choices when it comes to reloading your ammo, you can buy ready made bullets at a shop or reload your own ammo at the comfort of your home; only you have to invest on a good reloading kit that can operate on almost all calibers that you may be using.

What is a reloading press?

What is the best Reloading Press

A reloading press is an equipment used to reload your guns, whenever you shoot, the shell case are dropped that you may use again on your next rounds, and in this case, reloading them could be a money saver in the long run.

There are different types of reloading press that you can get, depending on your needs and space to where you will operate the machine. You have to select which of the three would be the best for your use considering the ammo that you will be reloading as well as your budget.

single-pressSingle Press

This type of reloading press is the simplest and very easy to set up and is best reloading press for beginners in the reloading hobby. They also are the least expensive to buy compares to other types while a good quality single reloading press kit can last a lifetime.

Reloaders who have this type of reloading press are very satisfied with its operation, since it is a one at a time procedure, you get to see the details of the work, making sure that nothing goes wrong while reloading your ammo’s.

However, it is also the slowest; but if you don’t need bulk of bullets, then this would be just the right companion for you.

turrent-pressTurret Press

As opposed to the single press, turret presses have multiple dies attached that works on a single bullet at a time, no need to unscrew each and every dies as you move to the next stage since they are already on your press.

This type of reloading press comes in two kinds, a turret that needs to be manually rotated as you finish one stage, or the one that does it automatically.

Turret presses are definitely much more expensive that a single press, however, it gives you more production speed that can produce around 200 rounds in an hour.

Progressive-PressProgressive Press

The fastest yet could also be the most expensive reloading press machine that you can get in the market.

These progressive type of press works on multiple stage at a single pull of the lever, most of the time it resizes, puts the new primer, refills the gun powder, seats the bullets and crimps all at the same time.

Progressive presses may require a bigger place though when operating as you will be having different accessories attached to the body itself to make thing even more effective and functional.

Image Courtesy: Ultimate Reloader

Why Reloading press?

Reloading presses makes it less expensive to maintain the hobby of shooting whether you this commercially or just for hunting. Other reloaders who have much more time reloading ammo would do it for a living and sell some of the finished ammo as well.

Most of the time, when you are new to the reloading, you will find it helpful to watch different videos online on how to set up the equipment and how it works, a step by step tutorials are also done by some helpful reloaders to make it easier for first timers.

Reloading may be hard at first especially understanding how each part work and how to make them work. You will need a lot of accessories to get started and some might even require you a separate purchase since they are not included in the package or the kit, but when you get to know its usage, it would only take a matter of time before you can finish hundreds of rounds of bullets.

There is somehow freedom when you reload your own ammo, you choose your bullets, your shells as well as the brand of primers and powder that you use, and as long as you follow the guidelines by the law, you can customize your own ammo.

This is probably the main reason as well why people would love to do hours of reloading than just buying ready made bullets.

What makes a reloading press best?

You can never compare a reloading press that is of different types as you may have specific needs that would require a certain type. But if you are wondering among which the 3 types of the reloading presses will work best for you then you have to understand and know first what your needs would be?

If you wanted to have a simpler operation and doesn’t need many bullets at a given time then the single press should be the one to get.

However, if you wanted speed and being able to check on the quality from time to time, and also needs more ammo done in a few hours, the turret press is recommended. But for speedier production, nothing would beat a progressive press.

People are most of the time torn between the turret and progressive presses, both of them produce more bullets than the single press, but the progressive definitely gives more than a turret press. Progressive reloading presses are also more expensive that the turret.

So knowing your needs and your budget will help you decide better which to get.