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7 Tips To Avoid Common Reloading Mistakes

Reloading ammo has been a common hobby for most people who are into shooting, most of the time they find it more practical to do so and felt that they are in control since reloading your own ammo can give you the freedom to choose different types of brands, tools and ingredients.

While some people might already be doing this for a longer time, some are just new to the reloading process, and while they may seem too far from each other, considering the expertise, there are still some mistakes that can happen.

Reloading is supposed to be simple yet it could also have too many details depending on the reloading press type that you’re using, from the simplest single stage press to the progressive reloading presses that operates on different stages at the same time.

And to further look at these common errors, here are the most common reloading mistakes that you might want to avoid while working on your ammo.


How To Avoid Common Reloading Mistakes


In reloading, used cases are usually recycled after shooting, while it may sound economical for most; this is also where the danger comes in if they don’t get inspected properly. Cases that have cracks or even slight dents may have a huge effect when fired, not only they are less accurate, but may also cause danger to the shooter.


There are times when a bullet may have the wrong amount of powder being charged, this is why it is very important to check them always before seating the bullet. Some reloading kits have automatic powder measurement especially with the progressive type, getting one for your own use will help you eliminate this kind of problem.

Included on most reloading presses are reloading manuals that includes prescribed amount of powder to be used for each type of caliber you are working on. Following these instructions promotes safety when firing your guns.


  • Inadequate seating: When the primers are not rightfully seated on the primer pocket, this may cause some dangers since they will be more sensitive to impact. Making sure that your primers are properly placed in its position will give you accurate shooting.
  • Too much seating: This is another important thing that must be avoided. If the primer was pushed deeper than usual, this can also cause dangers to the shooter. When in the process of placing primers with your press, you must know when you have already put enough pressure for it to seat properly on the primer pocket.


Cases need to be trimmed all the time to ensure proper usage and action. One of the most common mistakes is using the wrong size of case that leads to missed targets


To have accurate and well-made ammo, you must make sure that your bullets are placed in the right manner on the mouth of the case. For most reloaders, guiding your bullet before it reaches the die has been a practice. To double check, having a good feel on your ready-made bullets is recommended.


Crimping is where you secure your bullets in the place that it won’t make any movements. However, there are times that crimping is done excessively, having a separate bullet seating and crimping process is recommended.


On the other hand, bullets that are not properly crimped may cause you some problems as it can lead to some troubles in your cartridge case

Reloading is a great experience especially if you love the process of doing it plus the benefit of saving compared to buying readymade bullets. However, in this case, there are so many thing that you would like to carefully understand and learn in order to avoid common mistakes that might lead you to danger. Getting a good reloading handbook that includes complete information on reloading activities is advised.

Investing on good reloading press equipment also saves you a lot of trouble and errors in reloading your ammo; most of the time, these machines would include accessories that will help you measure your components and the bullet itself. You might also want to check on some help videos to further understand how the reloading press works since they come in different types to help you choose the best fit according to your needs.

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