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Benefits of Reloading – Why You Should Use A Reloading Press

There are many reasons why people would prefer reloading their own ammos while the most common would be the cost and the fun of doing it. It is very obvious that you will be able to save some money when you reload your own bullets since you will be recycling your brass most of the time and do all the process on your own.

There are people who love to go hunting; others may spend their time at a shooting range while the others may do it professionally. The one thing they have in common is the need to reload their ammunitions; the only question is why they would choose to do it by themselves. To look at some of the benefits of reloading your own guns, let me site some of them.

Benefits of Reloading

Benefits of Reloading

Cost Effective

Buying ready made bullets costs much more than doing the process all by yourself, which actually applies to almost anything right now. Depending on the caliber that you are using, you will definitely save more especially that you can re-use your brass.

You can also choose the powder, the primer as well as the bullet to make them all within your budget while still making sure of the quality as you move from one stage to the other.

Customized Bullets

When you reload your own ammo, you will have the ability to customize your ingredients depending on how you wanted it to perform and work well with your gun.

Depending on the primers that you use, it may have different effects when you pull the trigger and shoot, the same thing goes with the bullet you used as well as the powder inside.

Some people even do their study and work on different recipes in order to make the bullets perform accurately. Testing different formulas will help you establish the right amount and measurements in order to have a better shooting experience. Some reloaders would even have better performance with their ammo compared to those factory made bullets.

Obsolete Ammunitions

You may still have some of your great grandfather’s gun at home that you really wanted to use; unfortunately, there are no more bullets that are compatible with it.

Using reloading press could save you from finding a source for those obsolete bullets as well. In fact, reloading might only be your chance to be able to use it again.

Rare Bullet Type

In some places, there might be specific types of ammunitions that the locals mostly use, and if you are caught in this situation, chances are you won’t be able to shoot for a while until your local store sells your type of bullet.

Having your own reloading press saves you time from waiting as you can right away prepare your empty brasses to make new bullets.

In general, you may want to get a progressive type of reloading machine in order to produce thousands of bullets in a few hours depending on the caliber that you are using. This works on multiple stations at one time and minimizes the use of your hands in any part of the operation for safety purposes.

Most reloading presses have many parts that you may get together with the press itself or by separate purchase, and in order to start reloading.

Here are the most important parts that you will need

  1. Reloading Press Body
  2. Die Sets
  3. Shell Holder or Shell Plate
  4. Brass (used or new)

Given that you have those parts, depending on what type of press you have, you might need the following accessories to make the reloading processes even faster and more efficient.

  1. Powder Measure
  2. Case Feeder
  3. Priming System

And lastly, the ingredients that you will need would be the following:

  1. New set of Primers (small or Large sized)
  2. Powder
  3. Bullets

Reloading your own ammo may give you the sense of pride too especially if you were able to put together a quality bullet that has complete accuracy whenever you use them. Although it might take much of your time working with your reloading press, the enjoyment of doing it adds to those other benefits mentioned earlier.

There are so many brands and types of reloading presses that you can see in the market today, different sizes and different prizes. Some come in a complete package which they call kits, some would require you additional parts to start using it.

In anyway, it is always best to do your research and ask about recommendations especially if you already know some people who use these equipment, that way, you will not waste your money getting something that you don’t need.