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Guidelines – Getting a new Reloading Press

With so many reloading press kits that you can buy, there must also be questions that you need answered first in order to decide which reloading press kit meets your needs the best.  

To help you with that, here are a few guidelines to help you narrow down your choices.

Getting a new Reloading Press

Getting a new Reloading Press

What type of guns do you have?

Some people only have one caliber that they need to reload, while other people will have a great variety of calibers.  If the latter is the case for you, then getting a reloading press kit that can accommodate all your cartridges, pistol and rifle, is a must.

Not all reloading presses have the same size when it comes to the space where you seat the bullet, so make sure the case that you’re using fits the equipment first to ensure that you get the right press.

How many different calibers do you have?

Every caliber has a different type of die that are compatible to them only. 4 different calibers may therefore require you 4 sets of dies as well, for example, so purchasing a reloading press kit with easy to change dies is not a lot to ask for. Choose wisely.

How does your budget affect you?

Some people may have a small budget to start with and so they end up getting a press that costs less money.  But the tradeoff is that that kind of a cheaper press may consume more of their time in reloading and changing dies in each stage. Others with lots of money to spend can get the most expensive kinds of reloading presses that operate on multiple stages with every pull of the lever and are capable of producing hundreds of reloads in as little as an hour.  Trying to get the balance between efficiency and price is imperative.

How big is your space for reloading?

In the process of reloading, having enough space to attach your press to a table is an absolute must. You should also have enough space to move around and store all of the reloads that you have completed. But the bigger or more advanced a reloading press that you have, the more space it will likely require

Is it for Personal or Professional use?

Some shooters reload as a hobby, while others treat it professionally and will reload as a secondary or even as a primary source of income. With that being said, we can say that those who reload for personal use may settle for a not so expensive and more simple reloading press.

However, if you are a professional who wants to use your press for reloading with quality and precise measurements, investing in something that is of quality and consistency is an absolute must.

Company Profile and Customer Satisfaction

Before buying a particular reloading press kit, don’t forget to check on how the company handles customer requests that deal with deliveries, parts replacement and repairs, and the usual cost to get those spare parts. Check on some reloading press reviews as well and see what other people have to say about a particular reloading press kit before making a purchase.

Physically going to a shop may also be a wise move so you can not only see the reloading press itself but can also try to get a hands on feel for it, in contrast to simply watching instructional videos or online reviews.

Do not be overwhelmed by all of the different features of a particular reloading press.  After all, you may not even need all of them. Establishing your need is the most important criteria in figuring out which reloading press is the best for you.

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