Smooth As A… 3 Best Brass Tumblers For Reloading 2017 [Reviews]

Best Brass TumblerReloading your own ammunition is a fun activity and saves you money at the same time.  People who reload as a hobby experi

ence immense satisfaction with it, and anyone who has enough experience with reloading knows that the process involves cleaning the shell cases and brass casings.  One piece of equipment that will do this job for you is the tumbler. With it, you can finish literally hundreds of reloads in just a few hours.  But for this to become a reality for you, you first have to choose a brass tumbler, and we’ll discuss three of your best brass tumbler options in this article.

Short On Time? Here Is The Bullet List

  1. Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-Ez Tumbler
  2. Lyman 1200 Pro Tumbler
  3. Hornady M2 Case Tumbler

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The process of cleaning brass using a tumbler requires little effort on your part.  All you have to do is put a cleaning media like a walnut shell or corn crushed into the barrel, then mix it in with a small amount of polishing powder and add your brass casing. Close the lid, turn it on, and then then leave it alone for a few hours. See? You can complete other tasks while your tumbler is completing the job for you.


1Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-Ez Case Tumbler Review:

Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-Ez Case Tumbler Review

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The Frankford Arsenal Case Tumbler is one of the best brass cleaners available and delivers excellent results. Using this product, cleaning your brass will be done very easily. Together with the Frankford Arsenal Walnut and Corn Cob Medias, the Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler can remove fouling and oxidation really quickly. It can hold almost 600 9mm or 350 .223 cases, which other products can’t do. Amazingly, the product also comes with a set of impressive features making it a significant technological upgrade, such as a unique bowl that is designed to increase brass agitation for easy and quick cleaning that helps to reduce the wear on reloading dies and expands brass life. It also comes with a clear lid that allows the user to do the tumbling action, as well as a cord-mounted with an on and off switch that gives safety to the use. Overall, this powerful little engine is very solid and reliable as is expected from Frankford Arsenal, we also highly recommend their bullet puller.

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3Lyman 1200 Pro Tumbler Review (115-Volt):

Lyman 1200 Pro Tumbler Review

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The Lyman 1200 Pro Tumbler also features the same capacity as the standard 1200  product. Compared to other products in the market, this Tumbler is sold at a very affordable price. It contains a built-in-inch sifter lid that helps for an easy and quick media separation. This media helps to save you money since you don’t need to purchase a separate media sifter. This product will also shorten the process and the same time provide you with excellent results. Compared to other products in its class, the Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler has an ability to clean up to 350 cases per cycle. With that being said, it shouldn’t be surprising that the 1200 Pro Tumbler is one of Lyman’s best-selling products even when considering their highly recommended turret press and case trimmers.

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3Hornady M2 Case Tumbler Review (110-Volt):

Hornady M2 Case Tumbler Review

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The Hornady M2 Case Tumbler is a complete package that includes the tumbler and a user’s manual. This manual talks about the proper way to use the M2 to ensure the safety of the user. The M2 has a power of 110 Volts, which makes it very effective at cleaning brass and making it look like new. Compared to other products in its class, the Hornady M2 Case Tumbler delivers overall good performance in maintaining the quality of your dies. Unclean brass contains abrasive foreign particles that damage the inner part of your dies, but the case tumbler of the Hornady has the ability to clean and polish the brass perfectly into a brilliant result before loading. All in all, the press and dies will operate smoother and the reload will be finished so that it looks new.

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How to use a Brass Tumbler

Frankfort Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler & Separator!

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Final Word:

In choosing a brass tumbler, always take in consideration the reputation of the brand and read the best brass tumbler reviews from every model. It will help to give you important tips and ideas about which tumblers are proven through trial and error to be the best and have served users in the most meaningful way. Once you have decided which brand and model is best for you, don’t forget to learn about how to take care of your tumbler so it can last you for many years to come. Most of these tumblers come with manuals but it is also recommended to get yourself a overall reloading manual to help you understand the whole process together.

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