RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press Master Reloading Kit Review

The RCBS Rock Chucker is considered as the primary foundation of reloading operations all over the world. If you’re just new to reloading, the reloading kit that suits you perfectly is the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press Master  Reloading Kit as it is easy to use. This kit contains most of the materials that you needed in getting started in reloading operation. With just the Press, you’re already expected to own the other features or to adapt them individually. Let’s check it out.

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press Master Reloading Kit Review

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit, Green

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit comes with a box which also includes:

  • RCBS Rock Chucker Press, which is sold individually.
  • It comes 505 reloading scale.
  • It comes with a Uniflow Powder Measure.
  • A hand priming tool with small and big plugs.
  • A Case loading block that can hold for approximate 40 cases in most rifle and pistol calibers.
  • A deburring tool and hex key set (0.050″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″, 1/8″, 9/64″ and 5/32″ keys)
  • Case Lube Kit

–    2 oz bottle of Case Lube-2

–    Case Lube Pad

–    2 case neck brushes for .22 and.30 calibers

  • A powder funnels (.22 and .45 caliber)
  • A chamfer and deburring tool
  • And lastly, a spear reloading manual.

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Compared to other products, the reloading kit doesn’t include reloading dies and shell holders. Aside from those materials, there’s another piece that needed to get the RCBS reloader to work on is the RCBS Mounting plate that happens to be the best method of mounting the RCBS process to your reloading bench.

Rock Chucker Press is said to be the best single-stage reloading machine. Nothing can beat the Rock Chucker Press as it serves for longer period and serves very well. It said as the most outstanding single-stage reloading tool in the market nowadays against from its competitors.

To operate the RCBS Rock Chucker, it should be mounted exactly to the bench. I highly recommend using a corner spot so improve its stability. The shell plate should be inserted once it is already mounted and then followed by installing the depriming die. After small adjustments, you can now remove the spent primer from your brass. When it’s all completely done, you can start using the hand priming tool to rearm the cases with new primers and then put the powder followed by seating the bullet and cramping it in the area using the cramping die.

If you preferred using a progressive press, the Rock Chucker Press still serves you well in processing the brass before reloading. The materials that are included in the kit can also be used in other reloading operations so purchasing an expensive reloading press is not a valid reason to get a reliable reloading press. Unlike the other kit, the Reload Chucker can’t reload shotgun shells since it can only reload rifle and pistols. In this case, you need to purchase an individual shotgun press for shotgun shells reload.

This is a single-stage reloading press so don’t confuse it with a progressive reloading press. With the help of progressive press, the tool performs one complete round with several dies and finishes the job easily and quickly. The various stages has an excellent performance at resizing and de-capping, new primer setting, power drop and more to do a complete achievement at creating ammo. A single stage press needs a new tool to set up for new operation. The Rock Chucker Press and kit is a single stage that is not so expensive compared to a progressive option.


  • The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit comes with all the materials that you needed on starting a reloading setup. These materials are made from high quality that makes it lasted a lifetime. Its installation is very easy and can be done quickly in just a couple of minutes. A lot of people who already experienced using the Rock Chucker press that it’s worth the price. Unlike its competitors, the product comes with a lifetime warranty for home reloaders.


  • The only thing that matter on this kit is it does not come with mounting accessories or even a mounting plate.


The Performance of RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit has never be beaten by other products. It is the primary foundation of several reloading setups all over the world. This kit gives an excellent performance by adding dies, shell plate holders together with you reloading components you can target anything from 25 ACP up to 50 BMG with this durable and flexible kit.

Purchasing individual components is not a bad idea most especially when you know how to install all of them. If you want to check out the other kits that we recommend look at our reloading press kit buying guide.

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