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Dillon Square Deal B 9mm Precision 20104 Progressive Reloading Machine SDB review

Reloading can be very intimidating at first especially if you don’t have much experience or exposure to the process, however, you won’t be able to realize the benefits of using it until you’re finally brave enough to say “I’m gonna do it!”.

The Dillon Square Deal B may not be the cheapest in the market compared to its competitors, but this machine has a lot to say to its users when it is in action. Progressive reloading presses are known for its multitasking feature and being way faster than single stage and turret presses, but what really separates one from the others is the speed and accuracy of the ammo produced. Some progressive presses may have the same functions but takes more time to operate and even assemble.

Dillon Square Deal B 9mm Precision 20104

Dillon Precision 20103 Square Deal B 357 Mag Progressive Reloading Machine SDB

This Dillon Square Deal B review will show you its outstanding features that make it a good choice for our fellow reloaders, whether you are still new or has been reloading for years; surely you’ll appreciate what this equipment has to offer.

Automatic Indexing Press

When you are all set up on your reloading press, the process shall begin, and for every stage that you go through, your shell plate has to turn to get the next brass ready for the next stage. Some reloading press requires you to turn the plate manually, but with the Dillon Square Deal B, there is no need to do that. It auto-rotates so that it saves you time and hand work while reloading your ammo.

4 Hole Station Progressive Press

The Dillon Square Deal is a 4 Hole Station progressive press that works on all of the stages that you need in order to produce loads of ammo. The first stage is where the resizing and depriming takes place to have it ready for the next process. Second station would be priming your case as well as the powder charging and flaring. Third stage would be seating the bullet while the fourth and last stage would be crimping your ammo.

This progressive reloading press already includes a powder measure with both large and small bars. For the priming system, you also get the one for the large and small priming parts. This reloading press also has an early warning buzzer that signals you when your primers are low in count.

Ready to use for 9mm

The Dillon Square Deal is already set and ready for use the moment you receive your delivery. Unlike others wherein you have to buy caliber specific dies sets, shell plate and shell holders, this specific press has everything set up for you if you are using 9mm. a set of carbide dies is already included as well as a caliber conversion kit, loaded ammo chute and instruction manual to help you with all the setting up and process of reloading.

Lifetime Warranty

Because Dillon knows when it come to reloading presses, on how it should work, and how to make it last for a long time, they can offer a lifetime “No B.S.” warranty o all its customers. Dillon is also known to have best customer service when it comes to any queries or concerns that you may have after the purchase, which gives their buyers peace of mind that they are treated best and valued.

Features & Specifications

  • Auto Indexing
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • 4 Stage Progressive Press

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Customer Reviews

Currently, there are only 2 customers who gave their review or comments to the Dillon Square Deal at the time of this writing, and with the highest possible 5 stars, it got a perfect 5.

As expected, these 2 reviews were happy and satisfied customers of the Dillon Square Deal B 9mm and some of the good things that they said were, “I’ve owned several other manufacturers and bar none this is the biggest bang for your buck” and “Dillon reloading equipment is top notch”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this include die sets for a specific caliber?

Yes, it includes 1 carbide die set for 9mm.

Can I work on other calibers on this reloading press?

Yes, you can work on others provided you have caliber specific parts such as die sets, shell plates and shell holders.

Does this come with the primer system?

Yes, it includes 1 large and 1 small primer tube, 1 magazine tube, 1 primer slide assembly and warning buzzer for low primers while reloading.


  • Very Easy to set up
  • Comes with 1 carbide die set for 9mm
  • Complete package and ready to start reloading


  • A bit expensive


With so many progressive presses that you can choose from, it might really be difficult at first to decide which to get that will satisfy your needs and wants when reloading your ammo. However, aside from the price, which is also a big factor to consider, there are some features that are not present on others that you might be looking for in particular.

The Dillon Precision 20104 Square Deal B 9mm progressive reloading press comes in a set package wherein it is ready to work on 9mm caliber without the need to worry about your dies and shell holder. On the other hand, if you decide to work on something else, additional accessories or parts are required to be purchased.

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