Mec 600 JR Review – What you need to know

The Mec 600 JR is an outstanding shotshell reloader for beginners, though it still serves perfectly for those who are experienced in this activity. This unit is adjustable for 3-inch shells and is sold in multiple gauge ranges of 10-12-16-20 and 28 gauges with a special 410 Bore also available.

This machine allows newbies to reload their sets quickly with very minimal setup required. It runs on a five-station press platform where empty hulls need to be resized first before use. It has been found that Reloaded shot shells work better than their commercial counterparts, also saving operators 50 percent the total cost of industrially manufactured shells.

Mec 600 JR Review

MEC 600 Jr Mark V 12 Gauge Press

Those who’ve used Mec 600 JR before can attest that it can support multiple loads at once, one only has to slide in new cartridges instead of having to change the entire machine altogether. It’s by far the best reloading press in its price range. The product is strong, reliable and can be used almost with any plastic casing available today. You can use it for hunting or random skeet shooting tasks.

For those that need extra convenience handling multiple types of ammo then this machine will definitely prove helpful. The unit works perfectly for both pistol, rifle and shot guns.

Mec is a superb machine that promises users astounding results. It works on a single primer single stage basis that cab be helpful for those working on a tight timeline.

You’ll never outgrow the machine in terms of workload no matter how long it has been used, even after 5yrs one can still load 600 to 800 rounds per month without having to worry about reduced speeds. The loading set typically has 3 powder bushings, but for even more convenience feel free and purchase extra bushings.

Features of Mec 600 JR

  • Time-tested for quality performance with a single stage reloader that’s quick and easy to operate.
  • Can load 4 to 6 boxes in just one hour.
  • The machine can be upgraded with a 285 CA primer feed, hence eliminating the need for handling each primer individually.


  • Easy to setup
  • Can be fitted with other accessories that one may require
  • Top quality with very little maintenance needed
  • It arrives already adjusted by the manufacturers so that trap loading can begin almost immediately
  • Powder drops in easily into the cartridges and crimping stations also work exceptionally well
  • Great customer care and tech support service from the makers


  • Since users manually move the shell between different stations during operation, any minor bump may cause spillage of shot powder.
  • Some minor amendments are required for the hull before it starts working

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How to use Mec 600 JR Reloading Press

  • The first step is checking your manual for information about the correct type of powder type and amount to use, this depends on which particular shotgun one is using. Only use items that are specified for the load you’re using.
  • Gently remove the hex bolt and recharge bar on top of the main press using a standard Allen wrench. Add powder bushing on the charge bar then replace your press. Reinstall your bolts which hold together the charge bar then slide them into position.
  • Remove plugs from the synthetic containers above, then fill appropriate containers with necessary powder and the opposite chamber with shot. Also replace plugs at this stage if it’s required.
  • Carefully check the used shotgun shells for any signs of cracks, tears or other related damages. Throw away units that appear damaged. Thereafter, proceed by fixing your shell into the primary station found at the rear left side of your cartridge. Gently lower your handle so that the de-priming unit can replace what has already been spent.
  • Resize the brass section of your shell to a correct size then raise its handle to top position. Fix your primer into the cup on the 2nd station found right in front of the primary station. Proceed by moving the shell to third stage in front of the main press. Lower the machine handle till the charging tube fully fits inside the primary shell. Move your Mec 600 JR charge bar left so that it can start dispensing powder charge before final release.
  • Place a small wad on top of the shell then lower the grip, charging tube shall automatically thrust the wad into position. Move the charge bar rightwards so that it can relay a lead shot. While doing this remember to raise the handle.
  • Relocate shell next to the press start section at the front left corner. Lower your handle fully to operationalize the crimp, then again raise it gently. Finish this process by lowering the handle completely.


Follow this simple mec 600 jr review for proper reloading. Also note that purchasing a standard primer tray can fast-track the operation considerably, since the user won’t have to physically handle machine primers. With sufficient practice you’ll be able to load 50-70 shells in just an hour.

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