Best Gun Cleaning Cloths

Wipe It! 5 Best Gun Cleaning Cloths 2019 [Necessity]

One of the most important components of your gun cleaning kit is very rarely included in the package: a good gun cleaning cloth. Whether it’s to wipe up spilled solvent, apply oil to your external metal parts, or just to wipe away fingerprints, everybody has an absolute need for a good gun cleaning cloth. While … Read more

Best Mallard Decoy

Sitting Pretty! 5 Best Mallard Decoy 2019 [Simple to Complex]

Sure, hunters have killed ducks over some pretty simplistic decoys. From mounds of dirt to plastic jugs painted black, there is a story out there about someone who has shot birds. And it is true; you do not need the most life-like, super realistic decoys to kill ducks. Just grab a loaf of bread and … Read more

Best Gun Cleaning Patches

Patch It! 5 Best Gun Cleaning Patches 2019 [Easy Clean]

It doesn’t matter if you have the best cleaning kit in the world with all the fancy tools and equipment, if you don’t have a good assortment of cleaning patches then you won’t be doing the bore of your firearm any good. While there are a few workarounds that will allow you to get your … Read more

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

Old Remedy! 4 Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Guns 2019 [Clean]

Whether you are cleaning full-length rifles or just a pile of brass for reloading, one tool that can be incredibly helpful is an ultrasonic cleaner. While ultrasonic cleaners have been around since the 1950’s, they have only recently been introduced and specially made for the gun market. While they are primarily used for cleaning electronics, … Read more

Best Motion Duck Decoys

Splash! 5 Best Motion Duck Decoys 2019 [Spinners & Motion]

The mirror-like water you see on those calm, still days might make for some neat pictures, but it is an unpleasant sight for duck hunters. Sit and watch a group of ducks on the water and you will always see movement, whether it is a splash of water or the flutter of a wing. Even … Read more

Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Tip-Top! 9 Best Gun Cleaning Kits 2019 [Clean it Right]

It is well known that a firearm has only two enemies: rust and politicians. We will avoid dealing with the latter in this article, but keeping your firearm in tip-top shape is not hard at all with today’s selection of gun cleaning equipment and chemicals. There are so many great options, in fact, that navigating the … Read more

Best Shotshell Reloader

The Wad! 3 Best Shotshell Reloader 2019 [Different Than Pistol]

You can achieve a lot of benefits from reloading your own shotgun shells, from cost savings to increased performance. Shotgun shell reloading is a little different than reloading regular pistol and rifle ammunition because it adds an additional component, the wad. While you can potentially set up a normal single stage press to reload shotgun … Read more

Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Pump it Up! 5 Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit 2019 [Clean]

While you may not feel the need to clean your old reliable pump action shotgun after every hunting trip, it’s going to have to be done eventually. It’s true that modern advancements in firearms technology, such as better finishes, allows you to go longer in between cleanings, it is still something that needs to be … Read more

Best Rifle Cleaning Kit

Tiny Pieces…5 Best Rifle Cleaning Kit 2019 [Clean Right]

If you’ve spent any amount of time at the gun range with a rifle, you know that it can get dirty very quickly. A simple bolt action is easy to clean and does not take very much time or equipment, but many modern semi-automatic rifles are nowhere near as easy. These precision machines have dozens … Read more

Best Pistol Cleaning Kit

Shine It! 5 Best Pistol Cleaning Kits 2019 [Safety First]

Apart from time spent at the range, time spent at the bench cleaning your guns is some of the best time you can spend with your guns. Proper cleaning and lubrication ensure that your pistol will perform it’s best when you need it most. I spend a lot of time with my pistols, cleaning them, … Read more