Lee Precision Classic Cast Press (Red) Reviews

When it comes to reloading presses, Lee has been one of the trusted names not only for the quality but also for the ease of use it gives its users. Lee Precision reloading presses are made in the United States from recycled iron from mostly railroad tracks which makes their designs last for a long time. This lee classic cast press review will look on the different features that you will get the moment you decide to get one for your reloading needs.

This single stage press gives you the most possible quality ammo that you can get since you are able to work on them closely and be able to understand the basics of reloading better especially for those who are new in this hobby. This then will give you more consistent ammo and accurate ones which is very important to ensure safety when shooting.

LEE PRECISION 90998 Classic Cast Press (Red)

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Lee Precision Classic Cast Press

Adjustable Handle

Reloading your ammo doesn’t have to be so hard; in fact, you need to be able to work with it with ease while making sure that you create ammo that are with the standard size and weight. With that, Lee Precision Classic Cast Press is designed to work both on left and right handed users and make it easier to shift from one side to another.

The length of the handle is also fully adjustable as it is better to use shorter length when working on handgun cartridges or shorter rifle cases. This is very important so that you will be comfortable when working on different sizes of brass.

Largest O Frame

The O frame has been a trademark of the Lee family of reloading presses; this also made them one of the best reloading press that you can get in the market regardless if it’s professional or those reloaders who just loves the hobby of doing it. Single stage presses are done manually in every way, while it must not be considered as a disadvantage since this is where the most accurate bullets are made.

Having a good clearance for its cases makes it easier for the reloader to work on the bullet and in every stage of the process as well, and with its largest O frame design, you can equip this reloading press with almost all of the calibers that you may use.

Automatic primer arm

The Lee Precision Classic Cast Press may look straightforward for its design, but it also have some features that make the reloading presses easier and more efficient. It’s automatic primer arm’s function is to place the primer on the bullet case before it gets charged on the next stage. This primer arm comes in two sizes, one for smaller primers while the other is for the larger ones.

When depriming, the Lee Precision Classic Cast Press (Red) has a plastic tube included in the package that you can insert at the bottom of the press to catch spent primers to avoid cluttering in your work area, it can hold up to 300 used primers which you just have to empty when already full.

Features & Specifications

  • Large O Frame
  • Works on any standard 7/8-14 dies
  • 12sq. in. of ram for sturdy position
  • Adjustable handle that can be used easily by left or right handed users

Customer Reviews

While there a few complaints that we saw from a customer stating that “the die adaptor that the dies screw into was not threaded all the way to the bottom”, although Lee was able to replace the parts right after.

Nevertheless, there are definitely a majority of people who were very happy with their purchase saying that “This is a good single stage press” and “I have no complaints about this reloader”.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this press work on the Hornady shell holders and die sets?

Yes, as long as they are of the standard, they should definitely work. RCBS and Hornady work perfectly on this reloading press.

Is this press made of Cast Iron as well?

Yes it is, from what I’ve heard, they are made from recycles railroad ties.

Will this press work on my Lee .338 Lapua factory crimp die?

Yes it would as well as Lee 50 BMG and also 408 Chey.


  • No need for complicated setup
  • Largest hand clearance
  • Simple yet sturdy design
  • Made of cast iron


  • You still need specific die sets to start reloading
  • Other accessories are available for a separate purchase

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Among all other reloading press that you can get, the Lee Precision Classic Cast Press is one of the simplest equipment that you can work on. Having a large O frame is one of the qualities that this press can be proud of, making your reloading job easier and ammo accurate for use. Because of its price, most beginners are considering buying this product and are actually recommended for them since you need to be very familiar with the basics of reloading first before you can do bigger and faster production like what progressive presses do. Saves you money and gives excellent ammo are what you’ll enjoy with this single stage reloading press from Lee.

Due to the fact that reloading is an inherently dangerous hobby since you are messing with gunpowder. We highly recommend that you own and read though at least one of our recommended reloading books. This is a very safe hobby if done correctly and it can save you money, enjoy.

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