Hornady Lock N Load Classic Review – Super Single Stage Press

If you are new to reloading or are already a seasoned veteran at the art, the Hornady Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press will work just fine for you as it has for so many satisfied customers.

This reloading press has been using the Lock N Load technology so that it makes die changing more practical and efficient. The sturdy body design is proudly made right here in the United States, which alone will draw many people to this product.  

If you have been looking for a Hornady Lock n Load Classic for a while now, then you will have noticed that there are currently two options for buying this product: one option is to simply buy the press itself, while the other comes in the form of a reloading press kit complete with numerous accessories that you would otherwise have to buy separately.

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Hornady Lock N Load Classic Review

The Lock N Load Technology

What separates the Hornady from other reloading press brands is its unique Lock N Load feature where you don’t have to work with bushings that you would otherwise have to twist all the way up or down when swapping out the dies.

With this easy technology, you just insert the die and twist a little as it locks onto the reloading press.  Yes, it really is that simple. The Hornady Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press also comes with 3 Lock N Load die bushings that make it even easier for you to set the dies too.

Depending on the caliber you are using, just set the dies, keep them when not in use, and then insert them in the press when you need to reload that specific die.

All in One Reloading Press

Lock N Load system

The first thing that you have to do when reloading your own ammo is to deprime the casings.  This will be taken care of by your depriming die. The Hornady Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press also includes a spent primer tray that collects the used primers for easy disposal.

Priming your brass is done by the priming arm that is done manually. The primer feeder is inserted in a space allocated inside the ram. When the ram is raised, you take a primer and put it in the cup as you lower the ram, then place the empty shell in the shell holder and push forward on your handle as it seals the new prime to the bottom of the bullet.

Measuring your powder is your next step, and as you refill your bullet with powder, the next die you need would be the one to sit the bullet.  Your bullet will then be ready.

Features at a Glance

  • Lock-N-Load bushing system for quick change
  • Sturdy and great position design
  • Easy grip knob
  • Includes 3 Lock N Load die bushings

Customer Reviews

While most reviewers are satisfied with the product, the negative reviews seem to come from people who misunderstand the product. One user claimed that “you are not getting the kit, you’re getting the press”, but as we mentioned earlier Hornady sells the Lock n Load classic in the form of a kit so you don’t have to purchase the accessories separately.  

Fortunately, people who are happy with the Hornady Lock n Load have showered it with praise such as, “This press is excellent, very sturdily built” and “It is very heavy and operates very smoothly”.

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  • No assembly needed, only the handle needs to be attached
  • Made in USA
  • Hornady Lifetime Warranty
  • Lock N Load Technology


  • Dies are not included
  • Needs to change dies in every stage
  • Other accessories are ordered separately

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this reloading press only accept Hornady shell holders or is it compatible to other brands?

On this specific Hornady lock n load classic Reloading Press, you will be able to use Lee and RCBS shell holders too.

If I buy this reloading press, what are the other things that I have to get to make it complete and ready for use?

You will need a reloading manual, digital scale to weigh powders, a complete die set specifically for the caliber that you will use it for while others may seem to be optional for you.

Does the Hornady lock n load classic Reloading Press includes a priming system or should I purchase it separately?

Yes, the Hornady lock n load classic Reloading Press already includes the priming system.

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The Verdict

The Hornady Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press is a great reloading press regardless of whether you buy it with or without the kit.  If you don’t already have the additional accessories you need, you would be wiser to spend more upfront and buy the kit outright, but if you already have many of those accessories already then just buy the press on its own. The Lock N Load feature of the Hornady reloaing press makes it easier for reloaders to do their job while in the process of reloading and is guaranteed to have quality outputs.

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