Build It! 3 Best AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group 2019 [Get It Together]

Build It! 3 Best AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group 2019 [Get It Together]

While there are many different components that make up an AR-15 rifle, the most important one is easily the bolt carrier group. With Eugene Stoner's direct impingement design, there is a lot more going on inside the bolt carrier group than with a piston gun, such as an SKS or AK variant rifle. As such, … Read more

Choosing the Right Choke for Your Shotgun

Hint: Choosing the Right Choke for Your Shotgun [Precision]

Have you ever felt completely confident in your shot as you pull the trigger, only to watch your target fly away seemingly untouched? There is a good chance you might not be using the right choke. Choosing the right choke for your shotgun is no simple decision, there are a lot of factors to consider. … Read more

Warren Tactical Series Glock Sight Review

Got Sight? Warren Tactical Series Glock Sight Review [Look here…]

A Glock handgun is one of the most recognizable firearms both within and out of the shooting community. Known for its robust design, Glocks are an excellent handgun for both beginners and advanced shooters. However, if you are looking to get more out of your handgun, there are some minor upgrades that can make a … Read more

Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Review

Value! Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 3-9×40 Riflescope Review [Zero In]

Sig Sauer holds an impeccable reputation in the domain of firearms, but does that level of expertise trickle down to their other products? If you’re in search of an affordable optic to outfit your rifle with, whether it be one you’re planning to take down whitetail deer with or geared for hunting varmints, the Whiskey … Read more

The Best Long Range Rifle Scope

Got Spindrift? 5 Best Long Range Rifle Scopes 2019 [Zoom & Boom]

When you’re on the market for a scope, chances are you don’t want just any rifle scope – you want the best long range rifle scope that will allow you to touch targets at extended distances. The problem is that practically all optic companies like to market their scopes and optics as ‘long range’ even … Read more

The Best Scope Rings

Sling Lead! 3 Of The Best Scope Rings 2019 [Stay Accurate]

While people spend hours of their time on researching the different kinds of scopes that they need for their rifle, they will spend a significantly less amount of time on the best scope rings – specifically on the types of rings that they need for that scope. Short On Time? Here Is The Bullet List Best Small Scope … Read more

The Best Rifle Scope For The Money

Deals! 4 Of The Best Rifle Scopes For The Money 2019 [Cha-ching]

When you’re in the market for a rifle scope, you’ll be looking for the absolute best rifle scope for the money. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that in order to buy a high quality scope, they have to spend a lot of extra money in order to get it. Short On Time? Here Is The … Read more