On The Go! 4 Best Car Gun Safes [currentyear] [No Road Rage, Please]

On The Go! 4 Best Car Gun Safes 2020 [No Road Rage, Please]

Are you concerned about the possibility of being attacked while you’re in your car? If so, then being able to keep your gun in your car in a way so it is secure but also quick to access in an emergency must sound appealing. While there are many reasons why you would want to keep … Read more

Fast! 3 Best Quick Access Gun Safes [currentyear] [Get It & Go]

Fast! 3 Best Quick Access Gun Safes 2020 [Get It & Go]

If you want to have a handgun locked away in a safe, you want to be able to access that gun quickly in an emergency situation. That is why you need is a quick access gun safe. A quick access gun safe is a safe that locks your gun up just like any other safe … Read more

Safety First! 7 Best Shooting Glasses [currentyear] [Eagle Eyes...]

Safety First! 7 Best Shooting Glasses 2020 [Eagle Eyes…]

When it comes to shooting, your eyes are of the utmost importance. Not only are they critical to your ability to shoot accurately, but they are also very easy to damage and impossible to replace. Catastrophic failures are not uncommon in the shooting world and even routine target practice has the chance of ejecting hot … Read more

Save Brass! 4 Best Brass Catchers [currentyear] [Still Collecting By Hand?]

Save Brass! 4 Best Brass Catchers 2020 [Still Collecting By Hand?]

Any type of firearm you're using, from pistols to rifles, has some type of ammunition involved. If you don't want to spend half an hour picking casings up off the ground, the best brass catcher is the solution. These come in a few different styles, materials, and sizes to choose from. They make cleanup a … Read more

Fingerprint Please! 4 Best Biometric Gun Safes [currentyear] [Fast Access]

Fingerprint Please! 4 Best Biometric Gun Safes 2020 [Fast Access]

Biometric gun safes are safes that use fingerprints, hand geometry, facial recognition, eye retinal, or a combination of those things in order to identify a person and give them access to the safe. While this may sound like something out of an action spy movie, particularly the eye retinal identification part, the reality is that … Read more

What Color Lense Should I Use in Shooting?

Look! What Color Lenses Should I Use Shooting? [Find It…]

Ever wonder if there was a pair of shooting glasses with a color able to suit every single need you had? A pair of glasses tinted with the right color can drastically enhance the shooter’s experience, but unfortunately, there is no one such color for every situation. Lenses are colored differently so they can be … Read more

Warren Tactical Series Glock Sight Review

No Moisture! 3 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers 2020 [No Rust!]

Do you fear that your valuable firearms could rust or corrode due to humidity in your gun safe? It’s true that a gun safe, for all it’s other qualities, cannot protect your guns from is moisture. Fortunately, there are certain products you can buy to limit the negative effects of humidity as much as possible. … Read more

The Best Gun Safe

Lock ‘Em Up! 16 Of The Best Gun Safes 2020 [By Type & Price]

A gun safe is the metal container that can store firearms, ammunition, and other valuables such as jewelry or personal documents. Gun safes are designed to lock out burglars and other unauthorized people such as children, while also being able to resist physical damage and fire for an extend period of time. In today’s world, … Read more