Press Away! 3 Best Turret Reloading Presses 2017 [More Ammo]

Best Turret Reloading PressMany consider a turret press to be a middle of the road option when it comes to reloading.  This is because it yields more bullets in a specified amount of time than a single stage reloading press does, but it still produces nowhere near the same number of bullets as a progressive press will.  

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Best Turret Reloading Presses

As you can imagine, a turret reloader costs quite a bit more money in comparison to single stage reloading presses, but the trade off to that increase in cost is not only that it produces more reloads in a given period of time, but that there is also no need to change the dies as you move on to the next reloading stage.  Some brands even have auto indexing that really make the job easier.  Let’s take a look at what three of the best turret reloading presses currently are:

1. Lee Precision Classic Turret Press (Red)

Rating: 4.8

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press

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The Lee Precision Classic Turret Press of the most versatile turret reloading presses that you can find on the market today. This is because it is compact but also constructed with a solid built so that it will last you for a long time.

The Lee Turret Press has 4 stations for holding die sets for the caliber that you are reloading; this also makes reloading other calibers easy since you can just change out the turret plate. But what really separates this turret press from its competition is the auto indexing feature where you don’t have to manually rotate the turret in order to proceed to the next station. Every time the handle returns to its original position, the turret automatically rotates, saving time for the user. On the other hand, if you wish to do things manually, like when you want to work on a single die for a number of cases, all you have to do is remove the index rod.

Primer arms are also included on this turret press, available in both large and small primers. The primer arm can easily be inserted under the case holder and can be easily removed as well if not needed for the operation or you can opt for a hand priming tool which Lee also makes.

Its heavy duty design makes it durable and able to work under pressure for reloading batches of shell casings. And with its huge clearance space, the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press can even work on the tallest of cases, increasing its versatility.  

For its strong built and all of the features that you can utilize, the Lee Precision Classic turret press is actually reasonably priced and a great turret press for the money. Both novice and seasoned reloaders will definitely find it easy to operate and produce the high quality reloads they need.

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2. Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag Turret Press

Rating: 4.6

Lyman turret press

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The Lyman turret reloading press is a high-speed press that works great on a wide range of calibers. Just like most reloading turret presses, the Lyman also features 6 stations for different dies for reloading. The turret head can also be easily changed if you want for resetting your dies when swapping calibers.

The turret head also has a sturdy handle that you can easily move every time you shift from one stage to the next. Although it is not done automatically (like some turret presses do), the handle is still easy to move, remove, and adjust.

The Lyman turret press also features a primer catcher that will catch and hold onto the spent primers so you can avoid a messy work area. The turret is designed to reload both handgun and rifle cartridges, which naturally makes it a more versatile turret press. To swap between calibers, all you need to do is detach and replace the turret head.  

Lyman is a quality manufacturer in relaoding and we recommend quite a few of their products including their brass tumbler and case trimmers. This turret press may not be the cheapest reloading press available in the market, but it is definitely not the most expensive either. It features a durable technology made of iron that is coated with a silver hammer tone powder, which makes it both durable and classy at the same time and justifies the slightly higher cost.

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3. RCBS Turret Press


RCBS Turret Press

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RCBS Turret Press is made of a sturdy cast iron material that is built to last while utilizing a simple operation that even beginner reloaders can understand. With just a single pull of the lever, you can work on 3 different stages in the reloading process: sizing, depriming and priming. As you continue, the powder will be added and then the bullets are seated to complete the reload.

The turret head contains 6 stations for different die combinations. The turret head itself can also be easily removed and replaced with another so you don’t have to adjust and place your die sets repeatedly.  Instead, you just have to prepare a turret head for each caliber that you have. The turret ball handle that is used for indexing can also be placed on both the right and left side, making it more comfortable for you regardless of which hand you normally use.

This simple and yet efficient operation is what makes the RCBS one of the best turret reloading presses available in the market, for both new and seasoned reloaders alike.  It’s a very sturdy design that can handle volumes of brass reloading. Getting an extra turret head is highly recommended and the cost is small.

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The Verdict

With so many turret presses that you can choose from, and especially if you are new to reloading, it can be confusing at first as to which press will best cater to your needs. But conducting critical research on different brands and models like we have done will help you compare the pros and cons of each to decide which reloading turret press is best for you.

The 3 turret presses that we have gone over certainly have many similarities, but they also have their own unique qualities to differentiate them apart from one another as well. Keep in mind that the prices of each press are not in the same bracket and this should contribute to your decision making as well. Never spend money that you don’t have.  Decide what turret press you need depending on the calibers that you need to reload, how many of those reloads you need to produce, and your price range. In addition to the press that you buy since this could be a dangerous hobby you should also pick up one or a few of the recommended manuals on reloading.

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