Kit And Kaboodle! 3 Best Reloading Press Kits 2017 [Each Type]

Best Reloading Press KitAre you on a tight budget but want the best reloading press kit?

Maybe that is why you are considering getting into reloading in the first place.

No one company has all of the best pieces of equipment but if you decide to get an entire kit then you will definitely save money over buying individual pieces.

We have picked out the best kit from each type of reloading press, enjoy!

Short On Time? Here Is The Bullet List

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In this review, we will be looking at 3 different types of kit for each type of reloading press. While we all know that novice reloader would usually settle for single stage or turret, it is not at all discouraging to get a progressive type even more if you have plans of producing mass rounds in the future.

Best Single Stage Reloading Press Kit

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit Green Review:

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit

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The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit is a single stage press that works well with most cartridges and considered to be one of the best beginner reloading kits. For reloading beginners, this particular reloading press may give them a complete overview on how reloading really works.

Unlike most advanced reloading equipments, using a single stage gives you a more intimate experience on how every stage works, from sizing your brass until the crimping process and with this kit from RCBS, you will definitely perform them in a smooth and easier way. And with its cast iron build, this press is surely to last a long time even if you decide to upgrade to another type of equipment.

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The kit includes everything that you need to start except for those parts that are caliber specific such as the die sets and shell holders. It includes the mechanical stage for manual measurements of the powder as well as the Uniflow powder measure for quicker powder reload. Hand priming tool is also included in the box since some reloaders prefer using this tool when it comes to priming your brass. The powder funnel, case lube kit, hex key set as well as the universal case load block are the other accessories included that would make your reloading efficient and accurate as well.

Getting just the reloading press may sometimes even cost you more if you were to get all the other parts that are part of this kit, it’s a good thing that RCBS thought of putting them all together so that reloader who may be using it for the first time doesn’t have to buy other parts in order to start.

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit also includes the Nosler #7 reloading manual to help the user get familiarize with their new hobby. This makes them understand the function and the process of how things should work.


Best Turret Reloading Press Kit

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit Review:

lee classic turret press kit

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The middle type of reloading presses is the turret reloading press, unlike the single stage, turret presses has 4 stations to accommodate more dies so that you don’t have to change them as you move on to the next stage of reloading. The Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit is one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a turret press type of reloading and since it now offers a kit as well, it would be a surprise if a lot of reloaders would want to get hold of their great offer.

The Lee classic turret press kit still have a huge hand clearance for working on your brass, it is also made of solid iron material that makes its very strong especially when fixed on a study bench plate. It also features auto indexing that makes the turret head turns automatically every time you’re down with one stage. This feature helps you work faster on the cases without the need of your hands to turn all the time.

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The Pro Auto-Disk powder measure makes your ammos accurate when it comes to charging them; this feature also eliminates possible leakage of powder which makes your work area safer and cleaner.

If you prefer priming your brass on this machine, Lee’s large and small safety prime feature makes it all possible with an ease of use. Using this will not require the user to hold the primers to be transferred.

When it comes to conditioning your brass before reloading them, there are other procedures that needs to be done and fortunately, this reloading press kit includes the cutter, Chamfer tool, Lee case sizing lube, Lock stud and both large and small primer pocket cleaners. And of course, the Modern Reloading second edition which serves as your guide and complete reference when it comes to reloading. Read our full


Best Progressive Reloading Press Kit

Dillon Precision RL550B 4 Stage Progressive Reloading Machine 14261 Review:

dillon 550b review

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Progressive reloading presses are most of the time more suitable for seasoned reloaders who wanted to produce more rounds than a turret press can at a given time.  A progressive press may produce around 400 to 600 rounds per hour which can easily be consumed if you shoot plenty of rounds in a week or month.

The Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading press has 4 stations that load different dies using the standard size of 7/8 by 14. This also makes the press compatible with other dies sets from other brands. And since there is enough space for different sizes of cartridges, this will work on both rifles and pistol gun shell cases. However, just like most other progressive reloading kits, the Dillon Precision RL550B does not include particular die sets and needs to be purchased separately.

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Build on a sturdy material and designed to last for a long time, Dillon precision offers a Lifetime warranty on this progressive reloading press as well as other equipments that they offer and is considered one of the best reloading kit that you can find among its other competitors.

Since this is a reloading press kit, you will not only get the equipment itself but also other accessories for you to be able to start reloading right away, provided you already have you die sets and caliber conversion kit as well. Other parts that come with it are the powder measure that has powder bars for both large and small, one of each large and small pickup tube for sorting your primers before they get into the primer system as well as the low primer alarm so that you would know if there is a need to refill soon.

A set of standard Allen wrenches are also provided to make necessary adjustments and assembly of the press. And the most important would be is the extensive instructional manual to make sure you are doing the right way when it comes to loading your

The Verdict

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced reloader, you will always have your own criteria when it comes to choosing your first, second and even your third reloading press. Considering the ammos that you have as well as the amount of rounds that you wanted to produce will determine the best reloading press kit that will suit your needs.

Among these three reloading presses reviewed, you will also notice the differences when it comes to their prices, so making sure that you get the best value for your money is very important. Reloading kits comes with almost a complete package to get you started and it is available to every type of reloading press that you wanted to go with, so if you want to save time buying separate parts, going for kits will save you a lot.

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