Outta Ammo? 3 Best Progressive Reloading Presses 2017 [Quick]

Best Progressive Reloading PressWhen it comes to reloading entire batches of ammunition in a very limited period of time, most reloaders would settle for the progressive type of reloading press. This specific type of press is best for seasoned reloaders who need at least 500 rounds of reloads per hour. Yes, a progressive reloading press really can produce that much in that period of time. A huge increase over a single stage press that produces only 80 – 100 rounds per hour or a turret press that makes 150 – 200 rounds per hour.

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While everybody would like to have the best progressive reloading press, it is difficult to name the particular brand or models that is the best since each manufacturer and model of progressive reloaders has different designs and their own unique features.  However, in this review, we will be looking at what are widely considered to currently be the best three reloading presses in the market based on the reputation of the company and the popularity of the model.

Best Progressive Reloading Presses

What specifically makes a progressive loading press in so much demand these days is their ability to produce more than just one caliber and multiple rounds of each caliber. To have a good understanding of the 3 reloading presses that come the most recommended by us, please read along.

1. Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

Rating: 4.6

Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

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The Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press is probably one of the easiest progressive presses that you can buy. Its auto indexing 5 station feature makes the job of reloading easy and efficient. The EZject System of Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive makes sure that every cartridge is ejected when finished.

Its large hopper can also accommodate many rounds so you don’t have to empty it frequently, in stark contrast to other models that hold a fewer amount of cartridges if any at all and slow down your work time.

The Case Activated powder drop will not release any powder unless there is a case on the holder to receive it. It also has a universal bullet case retainer spring that holds the cases while in the process of reloading.  This spring makes it easier for the reloader to remove a specific case even in between stages.

But what really makes the job easy on this Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive, especially when it comes to changing your dies, is its Quick Change system. The Lock N Load bushing design makes it simpler to change dies with just a little twist. This is ideal if you have multiple calibers that you work on.

There are other accessories that you can add to your Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press that will make the job only  smoother: an automatic powder measure, the case feeder, and a priming system that is already included and works on both large and small primers. Read our full review here.

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2. Dillon Precision RL550B 4 Stage Progressive Reloading Machine 14261

Rating: 4.8

dillon progressive press

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Dillon Precision’s progressive press is one mean machine; it is a 4 station reloading press that works on all stages to produce ready cartridges in no time. The first station works in 3 ways.  The first station sizes, deprimes, and primes your cases; the second station loads in the powder, and the third station seats and crimps the bullets to complete the process.

This particular Dillon progressive press includes one large and small pickup tube for your primers, making it easier to load them to the primer system while also making sure that the right side is always loaded. There is also a low primer alarm to signal if the tube is about to run out of primers, something that many other progressive reloading presses do not have.

A powder measure is also included to save you time on loading powder while making sure that the measurement is always consistent regardless of the cartridge being reloaded.

The Dillon Precision RL550B 4 Stage Progressive Reloading Machine sports a manual indexing feature, which means you have to turn the shell cases every time you shift to a different stage, but since it works on different cases and dies at the same time, it won’t stop you from producing the 500 rounds per hour that you should be able to produce with a progressive reloading press. A large catch bin is also attached to the press to hold your loaded shells in one place.

The Dillon Precision may not be the cheapest progressive reloader that you can find on the market, but the tradeoff is that it’s a highly durable and versatile product that also offers a lifetime warranty with each press you purchase. This progressive reloading kit will get you really rocking. Read our full review here.

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3. Dillon Precision 20104 Square Deal B 9mm Progressive Reloading Machine SDB

Rating: 5.0

Dillon Square Deal B

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Just like the other progressive reloading press from Dillon Precision, the Square Deal B 9mm Progressive Machine offers a lot of advantages. The Square Deal B is a heavy duty reloading press that features 4 stations that do everything from sizing the brass to collecting the re-loaded cartridges in a box.

A particularly neat feature of the Dillon Precision 20104 Square Deal B is that it has auto indexing, which eliminates the need to turn the plate every time you move on the next stage. This package also contains almost all of the things that you need in order to start reloading, so the number of additional accessories that you need to buy are kept to a minimal.

Each Dillon Precision reloading press has a separate stage for crimping as this is one of the most important parts of reloading. After crimping, the loaded brass will then be ejected directly into the collecting box where you can collect them.

Other parts included in the Dillon Precision include the priming system that has the pickup tubes for both small and large primers, as well as the powder measure with both small and large powder bars for more accurate measurements. Read our full dillon reloading press review here.

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The Verdict

We can easily say that each of these three progressive reloading presses have their own strong points that make them a viable candidate for the best progressive reloading press that you can get. However, be forewarned that these presses also don’t come cheap at all, which is basically why novice reloaders who don’t need five hundred rounds produced every hour would be wiser to settle with a single stage press or turret press.

On the other hand, progressive presses will definitely save you a lot of time and effort when reloading. The biggest factor that you can consider when buying one is to get the model that is the most easy for you to operate and that includes as many of the accessories that you need in order to start reloading right away. Also, even though you should have practice reloading with a single stage reloader be for you move onto a progressive press we highly recommend having a few of the top reloading books so you have reference material.

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